If you are healthy? 
Your health is highly valuable, to your family, to your community and to us. Which is why we implore you, the people of Townsville, to use the services offered by our clinics, before its too late. Many a people believe that if they are feeling fine, then they must be healthy and that there’s no need to go to the doctor. This is false. Many a times it happens that a person physically feels fine but inside, their body is crying for help. In such instances, it is difficult to heal and recover, since the situation is so far gone. In order to save yourself and your family from all that pain and worry, won’t it be better to catch an illness right as it is starting? This is why Eastbrooke exists. Our wellness centre provides all the preventing services for all your non-medical needs, while our health hub in Townsville provides preventing services for your medical needs. These are set in place to help diagnose an ailment you might not even be aware about. Our staff of General Practitioners and trained nurses are experienced enough to recognize any symptoms, however small they may seem, and our clinics are equipped with preventative facilities to help you get better.  

If you are not healthy? 
Well, this statement answers itself. If you are not healthy, then Eastbrooke really is a place you must consider. There is no over dramatizing of your problems, no extra uncalled for expenses or treatments and no hassle. We will tell you everything as it is. We will be there for you on your road to recovery from the first step to the last. Whether it is access to experienced consultations or arriving for your appointments, your needs will be met. Our wellness centre is equipped with a daycare, a coffee place and a library among other things, so you and your family can be at ease while you get yourself checked. There is also free parking space and a gym. The health hub has a physiotherapy centre, which is operating on the belief that drugs on their own are not enough. The trained professionals use different techniques to heal your limbs and get your strength back. Whether you are suffering from a disease or not, we know that life can still get hard, which is why therapy and counseling services are also available.  

If you have a disability, are aged or ill? 
Then, Eastbrooke is the right place for you. We have ambulance services that ensure transport to any of the doctor’s appointment, to the local market, the Church and even just for an outing.        medical-services