A lot of people choose the option of living in a senior citizen community to spend their life after they retire. Since there are a lot of people who use this option, it is worth looking into what kind of communities these are. We know it is a place where people who are in their golden years live together as a community. It is only different from any other community because the people who live in such a community belong to the same age category. 

Among these numerous senior citizen communities we can find ones that are great like Tauranga retirement village. At the same time, there are also ones which are not that great. We have to see what separates such good senior citizen communities from the bad ones.

The Type of Living Conditions One Gets

The type of living conditions you get to enjoy if you go there is one thing that is going to decide if a senior citizen community is a good one or a bad one. A good one is going to have a great location, a house or an apartment with the right comforts and facilities, good neighbours and help with maintaining your house or apartment. A bad community does not have these things. They will just provide you with a place to live but without all the right comforts. The rest of the features are also not going to be up to the standard.


The facilities any of the retirement villages New Zealand has to offer can deem them a good place or a bad place. If it is a good place, you will get to enjoy a lot of activities when you are there as there are plenty of facilities to do so. For example, there will be a gym for those interested in exercises. There will be chances to play sports like tennis. For someone looking for a chance to have a relaxing day within the community there will be opportunities to enjoy a good meal or coffee from the community café.


A good senior citizen community is always going to be located far enough from a city to have a relaxing environment but not too far enough to make it hard for you to go to the nearby city. A bad one is going to be either too far away from a city or too close to a city.

Be mindful about the senior citizen community you choose. We need to choose a good senior citizen community at all times.