Eye problems may come and go. Depending on the person, they might even stay with you for a lifetime. However, these issues vary from one another and arise due to various reasons and habits. While some could be cured by taking care of them at home itself, some will need to be consulted by specialists in order to receive the necessary treatments and improve health. If you notice that any of the following issues trouble your eyes, it is advisable that you consult an eye specialist and get advice on how to treat it and what measures should be taken in order to avoid it from getting worse.

This condition arises for extreme readers. If you are one of those people that can read for hours and hours at a stretch and never feel tired, then you might be at a risk of being diagnosed with eyestrain. Not only that, if you also work long hours on a computer or has to drive for miles and miles, then beware for you are also in the verge of being affected by this condition. Your eyes need rest like any other part of the body; therefore, give them the break they deserve. If the strain still remains even after a couple of days, then make sure that you see a doctor.

Night blindness
Night blindness occurs when you find difficulty in identifying you way through dark theatres, driving at night etc. However if it is caused by lack of vitamin A, keratoconus, cataracts or near-sightedness, a doctor can fix it for you; but if you were born with it or if it had developed through a degenerative disease that has to do with your retina, then the problem probably cannot be fixed. Yet, do not come into conclusions; consult a behavioural optometrist Sydney and first get his/her opinion on it to know whether to obtain glasses or not.

Red eyes
Why do some people’s eyes look bloodshot? Do your eyes look that way too? Do your child’s or family member’s eyes look red? If your child has been diagnosed with red eyes, rush her/him to an ophthalmologist. They might recommend prescription glasses Sydney in order to get a check-up done for specs; if not, the ophthalmologist will provide treatments. This usually occurs due to infected blood vessels that have expanded. If eye drops won’t help, consult a doctor for some serious medication.

Colour blindness
Colour-blindness is diagnosed when you cannot identify certain colours or if you have trouble distinguishing some. This happens due to the malfunction of your colour cells in your eyes; sometimes, they could even be absent, resulting in such a condition. However, this case has not special treatment if you were born with it, but can be minimized by use of special glasses.
Are you a victim of any of these conditions?