If you are someone who has lately adapted a healthy lifestyle and are looking for means that can enhance your routine in a much healthier way, then you must have surely come across the term collagen at least once in your life. These days, a lot of people tend to take collagen pills in order to have their life improved in a balanced way however, there are a few things we’d like to bring in to your knowledge before you actually start taking one. Let’s find out what you need to know beforehand;

  1. Types

Did you know that there are around sixteen different types of collagen that you can find easily however, when it comes to beauty collagen pills, there are three types to consider from. These three types of collagens are known to make about eighty to ninety percent of your body.

  1. Different Forms

One should know that nobody’s body is choosy enough to pick the form of collagen it requires which is why one can easily consume collagen in the form of pills and powder both. So it is totally up to you whichever you feel convenient with as to whether to go for a collagen powder or pill that suits you best.

  1. Benefits

The main purpose of adding collagen to your life is due to healthy life but we all know healthy life is a very broad term which is why to make it more clear to you, collagen pills are to be taken when you require;

  • A clear digestive system
  • Relieve from joint issues
  • Healthy skin and reverse aging skin

If you require the above stated results, collagen is the best thing you can provide to your body.

  1. Food

If you do not require any external source of collagen and are someone who avoids taking pills and powders in the form of supplements, then you can also avail collagen benefits from different types of food consumption. These food include egg whites and bone broths. Besides these, consumption of chia seeds, leafy green vegetables and foods that contain vitamin C in them are best sources to get collagen too. 

  1. Timing

Well, the worst thing about collagen loss in your body is that by the time you realize that you require it, the damage has already been done. You are either facing joint issues or have problems related to skin and that so when you realize that you should have started with collagen consumption earlier. The timing plays a very important role when it comes to collagen intake and the best time for such is when a person is in their twenties. Check this link https://www.inessa.com.au/ to find out more details.