Today regardless of age, many are suffering from backaches, muscle aches and all other sorts of aches. The cause though generally is because of bad posture caused by certain habits and such. So here are some of those things that’s ruining your posture without you even knowing.


According to experts who have spent years studying the human body and posture, there is a way you should be sitting on a chair. While back in the day this was found to be 90 degrees straight, recent studies suggest that a 45-degree angle is what is best for your body. So don’t slouch but sit at an angle of 45. When you slouch you are putting too much pressure on your back joints, muscles and discs, and this ends up causing pain that might even turn in to a chronic disease. Therefore, if you don’t want to end up suffering from back pain and having to find all sorts of meds to cure you make sure that you don’t slouch! Check this link to find out more details.

Skipping exercising

One thing that has proven to provide efficient results in strengthening your body and overcoming things that’s causing bad posture is exercise. As you exercise you are putting pressure on your muscles that in turn strengthens it. This way they are more built to protect your body from any injury and such. So don’t be that couch potato that is too lazy or too cool for exercising and get started on this today especially if you want to avoid scary needles and chiropractor Central Coast. But do make sure that you don’t overdo it either could only end up causing problems to your body rather than doing the opposite.

Carrying heavy things

When you carry heavy things, you are putting a lot of pressure on your lower back and this is a primary cause for many who are suffering from spine issues. There is a particular limit to which you can carry and beyond that it is definitely recommended that you use a machine or get help without trying to do it on your own.

Not getting help

If you are truly suffering from spine aches or if you feel like your pains are in the process of turning in to on a chronic illness it is best that you schedule a check up with an expert and get the necessary check-ups and treatments required to overcome this. Heating pads and ice can only work for so long and on the other hand these are only temporary treatments that aren’t the best. So avoid the above and protect yourself from all sorts of illnesses and pains!