Being happy is a feeling that almost seems impossible of achieving given the current society we live in. However here is why you should be striving to find this happiness.

There are people who depend on you

If you are not happy that means you are sad. And when you are sad according to professional psychologist there is a high chance you could end up falling in to depression. This when not dealt with in the right way has the possibility of developing in to suicidal thoughts and whatnot. when you do though make the decision of giving up on everything, it is your family and loved ones who are the most affected. They depend you to hold things together and work things out with their help or a professional’s if you are having a hard time. so be considerate to them after all they could end up hating themselves for not being able to help you when you needed them the most!

Things could change

Even though you might be currently having a hard time it doesn’t mean that things wouldn’t change for the better. To know whether you would finally win or lose in a game you need to keep going till the end because you never know how things could change even during the last minute. This is the same with your life. things could take a whole 180 without you even dreaming of such possibilities and the next minute you know that sadness that seemed like it was eating you away would end up passing away as a phase. So don’t give up, even if things get hard reach out through counselling Glen Iris, therapy and such and somehow overcome those hard times to find happiness!

Be more productive

The reason why many have a hard time doing work is not only because of laziness and their procrastinating nature but also because they aren’t happy. When you are happy your brain is stimulated with hormones that automatically boosts your spirits to a level where you could work without breaking a sweat at all. So finding happiness is essential. However, you should also remember not to reach out in to the wrong sides but things that could truly improve your mood. Be it watching a particular genre of movies, listening to songs or finding love, do things to improve yourself! Learn to look at the brighter side of things and focus on everything that you have rather than what you don’t. This way being happy might not seem that hard at all! So take the above in to account and try them out yourself to improve your spirits in ease!