Humans have been using various healing processes over the years. Obviously, the early civilizations used very primitive forms of medicines and pharmacies, which were merely mixtures of different herbs and plants and other natural methods of healing given to us by Mother Nature. Over time, the evolution of pharmacy in dandenong has been the most impressive, since many drugs were manufactured that cured ailments that were previously considered incurable. The development of pharmacy has saved millions of lives, and improved billions of lives.

Common drugs

The most commonly used drug, penicillin, has quite an interesting origin story. In 1928, Alexander Fleming accidentally created the drug that took the whole world by storm, curing the very common disease that was considered fatal at the time: influenza.

There are many categories of pharmacy, such as antibiotics, anti-allergies, painkillers, paracetamols, laxatives, antacids, cough and cold syrups etc.

Concerning biology

If you didn’t pay attention in your biology class as a kid, then you will be interested to find out that some medicines are actually created from the virus that they intend to kill. These are called vaccines. Dead viruses are injected into the blood to help the antibodies to gear up before possible attack, and our immune system strengthens itself by using that specific virus’ genetical structure to prepare an attack beforehand. It’s like presenting classified insider information to one side about the opposing side. It really is survival of the fittest in this world.

Pharmacy target three types of microorganisms: bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not all pharmacy is oral, many are to be applied as creams or lotions. Some of the most famous externally used medicines are Vicks (for cold and cough), Polytex (for bruises, wounds and cuts.

In Pakistan, one of the most widely and commonly used drugs is Panadol. Originally intended for headaches, this multipurpose pharmacy is a popular cure for any kind of pain throughout the body. It can even be bought without a prescription, and can cure almost any ache in your body.

Keep track of dosages

However, these pharmacies can have severe adverse effects, and not only if the dosage is messed up. These pharmacies are chemically manufactured for a specific purpose, and their producers cannot foresee the various possible ways a human body might react to it negatively.

Cases been reported

There have been millions of cases reported by doctors and nurses where a pharmacy that worked perfectly for thousands of others, created severely negative reactions in a particular patient’s body, although sometimes it’s also because the patient had allergies that they were not aware of. Concerning the pharmacy

Regardless of these minor issues, the pros of pharmacy often outweigh the cons. In any case, doctors are working on removing the flaws that are evidently there in the chemical structure of such pharmacy. And wouldn’t you rather take a risk and try a cure that is available, rather wait for the perfect cure to be made, while you suffer because of your ailment?