At some point in life, many people experience back pains, this is especially prevalent in older women. Some back pains are caused by an underlying condition, but for others, the pain is a result of doing an activity incorrectly.

Sitting up straight for a long period

You’ve probably heard how a good posture is important, but sitting too straight for a long period can have a strain on your spine and can be just as bad as slouching is. Doing this for a long period over the years can result in back pains. You can easily avoid this by avoiding having a break in between or by sitting by curving your back once in a while or by getting chairs that will support your back. If you are already experiencing back pain, then this might be too late and you might want to consider one of those pain clinics Southport or any region that’s closest to you.

Lifting weights the incorrect way

If you are a regular gamer, then pay attention to how you lift weights. Most people lift weights incorrectly and end up stressing their spine. Get a friend or your trainer to oversee you while you lift. Lifting heavy weights is fine, but doing it all of a sudden with no warm-ups or doing it incorrectly is bound to cause some damage in the near future.

Lack of exercise

Have you noticed that many people who complain about severe back pain tend to be fat? Your spine has to support your entire body weight, so the extra pounds would exert more pressure on your back. Staying fit has numerous health benefits and this is just one of them.

Eating too little food

Being too thin can actually be worse than being too fat. People who have an eating disorder or are anorexic don’t get enough of the necessary nutrients. So, their bones tend to grow weaker and they end up experiencing a bone loss which would contribute to the pain. These people are at high risk of getting their bones broken and having crushed vertebrae over the simplest activity they do. These people are encouraged to eat a lot more and sometimes undergo infrared laser therapy in order to repair the damaged bones.Furthermore, regardless of the reason for the pain, you should consult a doctor to help evaluate your condition. You could also consider other forms of treatment such as chiropractic and acupuncture to help relieve some of the pain they experience.