If you have been dealing with backpains, it will disrupt your entire lifestyle. Backpains and pains in the lower back area can be caused by a dislocation, giving birth, a fracture and also be caused without no apparent reason. These pains can be hard to bear and yes, they will lower your productivity and make your day to day life be filled with pain and discomfort. Even though you have tried different ways to eliminate these pains, you might not have had the best results.If you want to have the best results when dealing with backpains, the best solution is to use medical seat cushions. To gain the best results from these cushions, you should certainly use them in the right manner, here is a guide on how to:

Use it at all Times

To gain the maximum result from the cushions, you should use it at all times. Whether you are in the car, at work, at home or anywhere you will be spending time seated. You can easily get these cushions as they are cheap and widely available. When you keep using the pelvic floor cushion consistently, it will be the most efficient at treating these pains.

Use a Chair with a Back

The chair that you are using to sit down when you are to treat the back pain with these cushions also matter. You should choose a chair that comes with back support so that as much as you are getting the support of the cushion, you will also be supported by the chair itself. When you are using the cushion, you will be seated in manner that would elevate your hips and would straighten your back to lower the pressure that is applied to your spinal cord. Thus, you will feel much more comfortable.

Use Cushion on Seat

The cushion should not be used on a chair that already has a cushion, but it should be on the seat that doesn’t have a cushion. When you have added a pillow or if there is another cushion in the seat will cause you to sit unevenly that would not make the coccyx cushion be effective. If you are in need of more height added to the cushion, you should purchase a coccyx cushion that comes in extra thickness. If you are sitting on a soft chair, it is best that you have a rigid board under the cushion that provides you with extra support when being seated on the coccyx cushion.