We provide you with the pediatric occupational therapy and sensory occupational therapy for your children in all over Australia. Our highly trained and professional team members comprise of expert level Paediatric occupational therapists with an excellence in the field. We make sure to providing you with the best of our services in the best way possible for your children. As we understand the fact that you want nothing but the best for your children. We have a quality experience of over ten years in the community regarding the subject of paediatrics.

We are enthralled to be one of the most innovative, modern and state of the art sensory occupational therapy Castle Hill practice all across Australia. 

Regularly it is seen now and again that it is actually difficult to distinguish for you if your youngster has an issue. He may not feel the absolute best with regards to day by day life exhibitions in various classifications like games, scholastics or additional curricular exercises and notwithstanding with regards to simply essential correspondence and locally situated exercises. He can truly feel out of the spot or discover inconvenience in doing any irregular thing you probably won’t see generally. So it is great on the off chance that you note the smallest change and get in touch with us decisively to get your tyke assessed for the test and check whether your kid needs to experience pediatric word related administrations treatment or there is no need and it is exactly what kids do.

A portion of the fundamental changes you have to pay special mind to incorporate the accompanying:

There is a general lack of balance while walking or sitting in a straight position and lack of coordination in the hands, feet, limbs and bodily movements.

There is a difficulty in expressing their feelings and thoughts, a general lack of communication

There is generalized level of low self esteem depicted in various aspects of life.

There is a general difficulty in the recognition of alphabets and numbers, in understanding and pointing out the letters or any objects, for which we have dyslexia testing.

There is an abnormality in their eating pattern, rather eat aggressively or a decreased appetite. Refusal of certain types of tastes, aromas and textures.

With our exceptionally qualified and prepared experts, we make a point to amplify our proficiency and insight into showing the best administrations we could offer to our customer, remembering that your kid merits the best treatment individualized and served by his uncommon prerequisites and mind-set. We realize that every tyke is extraordinary and we need to make your tyke feel the best through our administrations and treatment.