How it is to live in a village after retirement

We all are working somehow or the other we are earning for our families and we are doing the best we can to beat everything around us and be the one, to which someone can look upto right? But there is a limit for everything, one just cannot cross that age, money and brain limit. Nature has made all of us that way people are working hard and some are working smart but they all retire after a certain age. Now the question is when they retire what they do, how they live and how they should live their lives without jobs. So here is the term which is quite uncommon, yet a very important one to cater these days. ‘Retirement villages in new zealand’ a heaven for retirees, people who are about to retire and people who has retired already.

What is a retirement village?

In legal term a place where everybody is above the age of 55 or older than 55, are retired from a full time or parttime jobs can reside after retirement, moreover, the relatives of the aforementioned such as: spouses/partners can also live in that area. In that area such people receive accomodation and services, this is nothing like an old age or a rehab. So, this is important to understand the difference between the two.

Is retirement village (free of cost)?

Absolutely not! This is no NGO the retiree has to pay a certain amount as an admission fee and management fees, another catch is they have to pay the total fees after 9 years. Initially the structure of the admission fees goes like $360,000 approx. (it may vary from village to village). This concept is most common in west and not in the east, there are things which they have in west and do not have any existence anywhere else in the world. Another concept which is important to understand that one sometimes has to buy the tiled strata where they can work, or they can get the same on the lease. It is also pertinent to mention that 80% of the people work through leasing and renting. Things are much easier as compared to buy the whole strata, although, retired people with a lot of money can buy the strata of their own and get the job done.

Retirement village is something considered as a new concept and is the future for the retirees with lumpsum amount of retirement money. Still those who are thinking to get a nice accomodation after retirement they should pursue retirement village, otherwise there are other options too but nothing can be compared to a retirement village.