Patients, who get injuries while playing sports, often hurt their limbs, tendons and muscles, in addition to medications and surgeries, another way to deal this is through physiotherapy. The word physiotherapy is a combination of two words Physical and therapy. It has in today’s time developed as a proper profession in health sciences where in the experts utilizes hand force to move the limbs around and treat the problem. Some of the ways these treatments are carried out are by exercise, electro and manual therapy all of which aim to restore the regular movement in the affected part of the body such that it functions properly. The treatment begins with examining the issue, once the doctor diagnosis what the problem is, they will then try to determine what the root cause of the problem is, will look for the treatments that can possibly be undertaken and after discussing it with the patient, will begin with the treatment.  Apart from the clinical treatment, physiotherapy is a vast area of research, it is a field of education, and numerous job opportunities exist in administration as well as consultation jobs. Physiotherapy in cashmere is a treatment in itself, but depending upon the nature of the case and severity of patient’s injury it is often combined together with medicine.  

Established in the year 1994, ever since then, Ice Fire Physiotherapy has been providing a wide range of treatments to numerous patients hailing from different areas in Australia such as Cashmere, Warner, Albany Creek, Eaton’s Hill, Brendale and many more. They began operating from Albany Creek but later moved to a much larger facility in Brendale in the year 2005. The purpose of the team at Ice Fire Physiotherapy is to provide for all the health related matters of their patients. They do this by a physiotherapist who listens to patient’s problems with full attention during a one on one session and then begins with the treatment after being fully aware of the condition. It is not only during your session that you will be able to take advantage of the expert advice, but even beyond your treatment hours, if there is something you need to discuss with the specialist, they would be available for you. One of the reasons for them successfully treating patients is that they are fully involved in each case of theirs as of it is their only one, this approach and attitude allows them to deal everyone with compassion. 

You must also understand that the doctor does not have a magic wand and especially a physiotherapist does not, as healing is not over night, it is a process that takes time and patience along with corporation of the patients which is only possible if they are educated about their condition and the exercises to cure it so that they to actively participate in their treatment for fast and effective recovery. Because they are focused on your well-being, their program is all inclusive such that it would help you to develop strength against any unfortunate injuries in the future as well. For more information, please log on to